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What we do —

Our specialty is creating memorable music, sound design, casting, and voice-overs for commercial and long format. We’ve been doing it for a combined few decades. Drop us a line at the Inlaws house and we’ll get to work for you.


Rob James
Music Producer

What does one say about one of the foremost musical minds of our time?  No, seriously.  We ask Rob repeatedly, but he hasn’t found words that do John Williams justice either.  As for Rob James, he has two Grammy nominations, some national tours, and a few multi-platinum awards, so he’ll do in a pinch.

Spencer Hall
Creative Director

Spencer is a Toronto music and ad industry veteran with more than a few credentials to brag about. He’s worked on everything from indie records to podcasts to television and radio ads for hundreds of different brands. Specializing in voice direction and music production, you’ll be hard pressed to listen to or watch something that Spencer hasn’t worked on. Just try it.

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